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You probably already know that building a swimming pools  is a sound financial investment, as it will immediately increase the value of your home anywhere between 7% - 15%. Your pool will continue to grow in value right along with your home, while also making your home easier to sell if you ever decide to move. What most people don't realize is that building a pool can actually save you money. Lots of pool owners find that they no longer need to take expensive family vacations or spend money on other overpriced entertainment options. But what about financing? It's probably easier than you think. Many Floridians now realize through Martin Pools and Spas they can create an outdoor oasis and give their families a beautiful new pool by simply taking the equity in their home and converting it to cash or taking easier, softer financing in personal loans. Our swimming pool builders will explain and assist you with this process when you call and schedule your design session. 

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Martin Pools and Spas will guide you through the pool design process and create an outdoor living environment that reflects your individuality. By taking pride in the work produced and making sure every detail is perfect, Martin Pools and Spas offers the best in quality and design. Martin Pools and Spas insures the best in product, installation and technical support for your outdoor living needs. Building your pool and outdoor living environment to exact specifications is our business.

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The cost of a pool is determined by a number of factors. In ground concrete pools will cost more than fiberglass, vinyl and above ground pools. At Martin Pools and Spas we build in-ground concrete pools because these have proven to be more durable and allows for many add-on designs and features. The size of the pool, the amount of perimeter decking, slope of your lot (which can require more excavation and foundation support), type of materials and finishes all contribute to the final quote. The only responsible way to get a firm estimate is to have us come out and measure your lot and meet with you on all your must-haves. Call our office or send us a message through our contact page.

Am•bi•ance: the special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment.

While the decision to build a swimming pool is simple, selecting the shape, size and look is a little more challenging. The options available today are literally unlimited.  Our designers are artistic and creative.  They understand each construction project is unique and requires various skill sets. Our designers give priority to your individual needs and give you exactly what you request in your must-haves.  

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Martin Pools and Spas has always, and will always provide our customers with uncompromising quality. 



Because we are committed to offering only the highest quality products in pool construction.  



Each pool also comes with a warranty to ensure many years of enjoyment in your backyard paradise. 



We use state of the art technology and have superior customer service. You can feel safe that your design must-haves will be factored into your design efficiently. Building your pool and outdoor ambiance  to exact satisfaction is what we do! 



Martin Pools and Spas insures the best products, installation and technical support for your outdoor living needs. The confidence in knowing you are getting the best products from the best providers is the result of dealing with Martin Pools and Spas.



Your Martin Pool should be an extension of your home incorporating your taste and style. Martin Pools and Spas has consistently developed outdoor atmospheres with unparalleled quality. Check out some of our customer reviews!

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